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PATHSCROSSED came about because I was in a fuel station in Northern France early one morning, filling the car, when suddenly I had this very pleasant French lady appear, with one of those unbelievable French accents, asking me for help. When I explained that I was English and not at all fluent in French she broke into perfect English but again with this amazing French accent! She explained that she was having trouble getting the fuel cap off her brand new car for the first time and could do with some help!

I met up with both my wife Lesley and this lady at the payment desk where we all chatted and then we went our own seperate ways. Us back to the UK and this lady wherever.

Driving along afterwards I thought that is one of those times in life where paths had crossed and they would never ever cross again, but for those brief minutes we had enjoyed an unusual meeting and laughed together. I wondered why she was up so early in the morning, very smart, and where she might have been going etc? I also wondered if this lady was thinking similar thoughts. Then BLING, I thought of this website for people in situations where this sort of occurrence could be quite important in their lives.

As an example, I was sure that shy people often meet and only afterwards when it is too late they think that they should have said more or asked more at the time and regret not doing so. Should it be that both people felt this way they now have PATHSCROSSED as a second chance, but as you will see there are also many other applications.

Please enjoy the site and tell friends about it, should it be helpful to them in their future day to day social or business lives.

Enjoy pathscrossed.co.uk

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