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nike dunk shoes

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nike dunk shoes

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nike dunk low shoes

The CI system provides different normative standard Nike name and Swoosh mark and between. The SWoosh symbol is the product identification, appear in all products and advertisements,nike dunk shoes and Nike name trademark has experienced a big adjustment, the original contrast standard word Italic capital and SwooSh combination of signs is too intense, in order to coordinate the balance, the company to use the 70's lowercase, embody the traditional history. Its strength lies in its historical origin, it is not nostalgia, but passion, is our label and our voice.

[Vpmsl] Shopping Network to 1-7 fold low discount on the world's major brands online buying, goods include clothing, cosmetics, home, and other thousands of luxury brands. 100% authentic, cheap, cash on delivery, free postageStandard word Nike name as the brand mark, appeared in the company, public service, shopping malls and image promotion activities. The new strategy, the Swoosh flag in the CI system to identify more effective.In a watch the football tournament held in Shanghai, many places Nike vice president Gordon Thompson noted that a variety of sizes Nike mark many times in the Dallas team jerseys, flags, and vending machine. Thus, Gordon Thompson thinks: the logo has to the extent of flooding, should be specified.
The design department Nike designation company formulate perfect sign system application specification, every sign will be applied to the site, store, the company as well as more than 20000 kinds of products, so need to use elastic special emphasis mark.

1971 years, because the name Nike goddess of victory with a pair of wings, student Caroline Davidson designed the first Swoosh symbol.
2.1978 years, nike dunk high shoes Nike Swoosh logo by the frame line into a solid form, appear below the standard word, more prominence.
3.1985 years, combination of signs in the square, the formation of positive and negative effects.
4 now, according to Swoosh marker was used alone.G36JyuGO

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