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nike dunk low shoes

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nike dunk low shoes

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nike dunk shoes

Nike most ambitious football products shine out, now completely changed appearance design football boots.
Nike designer Peter Hudson (Peter Hudson) to create a lightweight, fast football boots, at the beginning of outline design sketches, then decisively made a decision: no limit. nike dunk low shoesAfter the exclusion of money, time and the manufacturing process and other factors, a powerful and unconstrained style, breaking the boundaries of science designer to all, to create an entirely by carbon fiber football boots. This pioneering work There was no parallel in history.
For Nike, this initiative is the result of the birth of the Mercurial SL:190 grams of weight
The Mercurial SL topped the Nike lightest football boots throne, but it is by far the fastest, strongest and most strong toughness, football boots. The shoes with no excess, simple design, while not losing any performance.
From the beginning, Mercurial SL is not for sale and design, design and concept car it as: leading innovation, explore new ideas, push the boundaries of design and engineering. However, the new concept of Mercurial SL has a shocking effect in building at the same time, Nike company found, will bring players will be more meaningful these innovative ideas and products.
Spike and spike is by injection molding to the sole in Korea, forming a single large bottom parts. Spike is running very fast athletes with ideal grip, so that players can rapidly accelerated in the course of dribbling or running mean. SL heel support bucket design is very small, used for fixing the heel position.
Montebelluna Nike research center in Italy, engineers have created a new process, so that the carbon fiber this stubborn materials become soft vamp sports shoes..

Vpmsl accessories column, provide the most fashion accessories brand to buy, buy send gifts, global package mail cash on delivery. For love for ornaments adorn the girls themselves to provide the most popular guidance, advice, and help the most intimate, to enrich your styling accessoriesFollowing the Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro released a new color, Nike classic shoes Total Air Foamposite Max silver black color will be released, the color of the Total Air Foamposite Max nickname "silver steel", the picture is 1998 year "silver steel" photos.Nike air Force1, Nike produced a sports shoes. Air Force 1 was born in 1982, is deeply rooted in basketball. Then choose 6 basketball players to endorse this shoe: Moses Malone (Moses Malone), Michael Coop (Michael Cooper), Jamal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones), Mitchell Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin Nate (Calvin Natt), they are carefully selected defense experts, they will the basketball shoes to the front of the world. Classic posters, tough attitude, Malone and his partners show AF1 successful six elements: grand, durability, transcendence, heroic, coherence and pure.
Nike air force one (Air Force) was born in 1982, it is deeply rooted in the basketball movement.

The form must be functional service. Mercurial SL color to the black carbon fiber.nike dunk high shoes The only add color is pink Nike hook. Designer Peter o Hudson explained, "this color so you can not help to view, and then you'll see the details of the design of fine." Mr Hudson said, "Mercurial SL is so we promise - a lightweight, superior performance, the rapid acceleration of football boots was born, it not only sets a new benchmark for soccer athletic ability, but also a breakthrough the limitations of the concept of product, based entirely on a future product design. We specifically for football and making Mercurial SL and design and aesthetics in a body."
Mercurial SL is oriented to fast speed of the athletes, spokesman for Real Madrid superstar, worth up to 94000000 euros of C Luo and Chelsea superstar "demon animal". DrogbaG36JyuGO

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