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nike dunk low shoes

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nike dunk low shoes

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nike dunk shoes

Full Grain Leather striate cortex
Made of cowhide leather the most wear parts, like the human skin pores as air permeability and good support and resistance, a sense of value.nike dunk low shoes
Nubuck cowhide leather
Use made of cowhide leather, then stick to soften the polished leather, air permeability and good support and resistance.
Suede suede
Animal cortex through the brush handle, lightweight and resistant to abrasion. There are certain extensibility.
Synthetic Ledather synthetic leather
Advanced artificial leather superfine fiber and PU made, looks like leather, light weight, no wrinkle and no deformation, good support and resistance, easy cleaning.
Synthetic Material synthetic material
PU made of synthetic materials, surface smooth and bright, commonly known as "patent leather".
Mesh net cloth
By Nylon or Polyster the woven mesh layer cloth, lightweight, breathable, not easy to wear.
Lycra lycra elastic fabric
For shoes or boots, can make the cloth with elasticity and increase the fit.
Gore-tex waterproof cloth
With waterproof cloth, usually used for outdoor shoes and off-road jogging shoes of autumn winter season.
Foamposite patent shoes material
Nike patent shoes, high price but with texture and comfort, can provide excellent package feeling and protection.
Drag-on wear resistant material
Commonly used in tennis shoes, the hard materials and design can enhance the inner toe and front

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In the process of making rubber, adding carbon fiber material or carbon elemental powder. This rubber wear, friction grip good, but will leave black mark on the ground.nike dunk high shoes For shoes.
Non-marking non marking rubber
In contrast to BRS1000, no carbon doped technology, won't leave a mark on the floor.
Solid Rubber hard rubber
Made from natural rubber synthetic rubber and 40% of 60% compressed, with better wear resistance.
Duraon rubber
An artificial soft rubber, light texture, a damping effect, good grip.
DRC wear-resistant hard rubber
With hard rubber based synthetic rubber compressed, good abrasion resistance. Using the rubber part of tennis shoes.
Gum Rubber raw rubber
Natural rubber as the main raw material, supplemented by compression and synthetic rubber, soft, good toughness.
Sticky Rubber soft rubber
Mainly natural rubber, used in some multifunctional shoes, sports shoes, slippers, aerobic exercise sole, with better comfort and grip. Poor wear resistance.
The end of material:
PU material
PU polyurethane material, soluble gelatinized and then poured into the model of heating the foaming, surface smooth finished, after a long time will turn yellow and corrosion, with shock proof and some stability. The biggest advantage of PU midsole is relatively good elasticity and toughness, smooth, and there is a rubber texture. This is the most widely used material in the bottom.
PHYLON material
PHYLON plastic particle heating foaming before filling model pressure cooling, the surface is white and wrinkles, in addition to wear performance of shock absorption and rubber outsole with general EVA/PHYLON, light weight, elegant appearance, at the same time rebound performance more available, provide good energy return.G36JyuGO

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