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  • Building schools and providing adequate services should be the top priority of this county

Building schools and providing adequate services should be the top priority of this county

facilities priority in South Riding

is already there. I am committed to getting schools down there. is admirable that such a bold statement be made in support of his constituents. We hope this support will continue to filter through the rest of the board members, as services in our area are very much needed whether more housing units are approved or not. We hope that the two are not dependent on each other, because neither of our goals will be reached.

Building schools and providing adequate services should be the top priority of this county. It is in no way to anyone best interest to continue this trend of busing children out of their areas for school and delaying services to current residents.

Cheryl and John Bacak, Ralph Buchanan, Cindy Hartless, Stephanie Davis, Helen Wiser and Darlene Bell

I understand that current thought among the Board of Supervisors is that there are insufficient students in South Riding for the high school to open in 2004. I invite the supervisors to come count them. They probably find it amusing to be considered inadequate for a high school in their home town, and ideal for an hour commute twice a day. I invite the supervisors to look these kids in the eye and tell them that they and their taxpaying parents don deserve a school.

I invite supervisors to fairly count the students at Farmwell Station Middle School and at Broad Run High School and see how the quality of education is diminished by the overcrowding of classrooms that a failure to build South Riding High School will ensure for students from Ashburn and surrounding areas.

I understand that failing a 2004 opening of South Riding high school, the next cheap nike free date for a proposed opening of South Riding high school is being considered to be pushed back to 2008. 2008??! That would mean that my 3rd grader will only just barely see a high school in his own home town; that my 7th grader will never go to middle school or high school in his home town; that they will be subject to a commute most thinking adults shy away from.

And if the commute isn seen as a problem by the Board of Supervisors or School Board, why not open the South Riding nike air jordan high school in any event and bus the overflow kids from north of Dulles? A ride is a ride, right? Busing to South Riding would make Broad Run High School even more attractive to those parents and students who remain there.

Count the kids from South Riding and from the other adjacent areas. Punishing kids in the interest of slow or nogrowth is discrimination of the worst kind in the guise of a measured approach.

I urge supervisors to do whatever might ensure that a South Riding high school opens in 2004. There are no obstacles, other than simple will. We are looking to for leadership and representation of our interests as taxpayers. The county is getting free land from Toll Brothers. The county cheap air jordan has tax dollars from the parents and businesses. Even the shoe company Nike got it right: do it. Troth

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