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I have been wearing ASICS for the better part of a decade now

I have been wearing ASICS for the better part of a decade now and I must say that i truly love the brand. They are very well made high quality running shoes. In particular I have loved the GEL-Kayano models and have owned asics shoes since model 13 and up. The are very comfortable and make a great sneaker for running or casual wear. They provide great cheap asics cushion and arch support for your feet. The shoe laces are top notch and won't fray as I have had happen on all too many Nike brands. I have also found that asics shoes sneakers run true to size unlike some other manufacturers which might run a little smaller or narrower.The only complaint I have about asics shoes is that the frontal mesh just on top of the toes can get dirty quite quickly. Since it is a breathable mesh designed to let air flow freely it really does absorb a lot of dirt especially in wet weather. I have tried various cleaning products and methods but the fact is once the mesh becomes tainted its the beginning of the end.However

I really like Asics shoes and am particularly fond of the asics australia trabuco so I thought to give the Kahana trail shoe a try. It seems good except the arch seems way higher than I'm used to. It causes some discomfort when I walk and I hope I will eventually get used to it.

My foot is about a 13.5 and Asics is the only company that I have found that makes this size in a wide as well. Half sizes stop at 12.5 for other shoes. Great shoe for running and another purchase from Asics for me that works so well. It fit me lie a shoe I have worn for a couple of months.

I wore Asics throughout High School (almost 20 years ago) but lately have switched to Brooks and Saucony's because it is hard to find a store that carries a good line of Asic's products. I finally decided to buy a pair of top dollar running shoes and after getting asics shoes and have about 20 miles on asics shoes

I am an Ascics fan but last years model I didn't like the fit of. I wore asics shoes all day immediately after receiving and they felt perfect all day. Great cushioning! I wish the laces were a bit longer. Love the styling and color choice of the Lightening/Turquoise because the mesh is grey and the laces are grey so it won't look dirty and will look new for a long time as opposed to white mesh.Definitely recommend and worth the money.

Asics shoes are my first running shoes so I don't have much to compare asics shoes too as far as running goes but they are seriously the most comfortable shoe I've ever wore! I was going to save asics shoes for only running because they are so colorful I though they would be my "fun" running shoe

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