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When the weather turns chilly, few things are as useful or as versatile as a great tweed sports jacket. Wear it with a shirt, tie, and flannel slacks or dressy nike dunk low shoes cords for the old college professor look. (Add a v neck sweater for extra credit.) With an oxford and your favorite jeans it serves as an outdoor jacket and gives you the pockets you need for your phone, keys and wallet. There are a lot of choices in pattern and color, ranging from ultra conservative to bold and assertive, but the most useful are those in a classic weave in either brown or charcoal grey. As always, get the best quality you can find. A good tweed can last you a lifetime.

A pair of charcoal grey flannel slacks is a great tweed jacket natural counterpart, and like a great tweed, their versatility and usefulness can be overstated. belstaff postman bag Unlike many other types of pants, charcoal flannels work equally well in formal or casual combinations. Dress them all the way up with a white shirt, conservative tie and navy blazer, or dress them down with asweater and loafers (sneakers even, if you just that cool). Look for a pair with some weight to them and a soft, fuzzy texture. These are another staple that will last you for years if chosen well.Shetland sweaters are a time honored classic that hail from Scotland via the Ivy League. Years back, these sweaters could only be had for relatively high prices, albeit from the better clothiers, but these days there are a number of options at many price points. Whether in plain weave or cable knit, the important thing to look for here is a distinct texture. Start with one in a classic color such as navy, burgundy, or brown. These sweaters are typically available in a wide range of colors, and once you learn how comfortable they are, you may find that one is simply not enough.So much about the greatness of fall clothing has to do with texture, so what better way to finish the whole look than by adding some texture to your shoes? Chocolate brown suede complements the soft textures, heavier cloths and earthier colors we love so much in the fall better than anything. Monk strap shoes like the ones pictured here add just a bit of dash, working seamlessly with jeans to a jacket and tie, but penny loafers or chukka (ankle high) boots would be great choices too.With these five essentials at your disposal, you should be able to take on fall in comfort and style. Add just a few shirts and some argyle socks and a man could survive pretty well with little more than this. And remember, as always, that quality is key. A solid wardrobe of well made basics is an asset.G36JyuGO

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