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Nike first introduced the Dunks in 1985 and these popular shoes are still available in a variety of colors and styles. The shoes are primarily made of full grain leather, cracked metallic leather and jacquard or fabric uppers, but also have suede accents available. The Dunk is customizable to fit specific desires, nike dunk low jessica simpson shoes and bags but you can paint the shoe your own individual color using several different types of paint. It is important to remove any dirt or finish from your shoes before painting; just use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Also, apply a sealant to the shoes after they are dyed or painted.With Nike's basketball shoes being popular among skateboarders, the Dunk became preferable because of the stability and enhancement of grounding performance they provided. While skateboard companies emerged during the 1980s, the fairly small community did not attract major shoe companies. Skateboarding gained prominence in the 1990s, and Nike began experimenting, reissuing older models, but not prevailing. Nike eventually decided to create a Dunk specifically for skateboarders, which they named the Nike SB Dunk, with the SB standing for skate boarding. The Nike SB Dunk fit and looked like the traditional dunk but had a few enhancements for skateboarding performance. The model featured more padding around the ankle and to the tongue with the signature Nike "Zoom Air" in soles in efforts to compete with Vans and DC shoes.

With their stylish colors and distinctive look, Nike Dunks continue to be a popular shoe option for fashion conscious men and women. Although basketball players readily wear these athletic shoes, their versatility makes them appropriate for wear beyond the court. Matching your Nike Dunks with the right mix of clothing and accessories can help you express your personal style. While there belstaff full metal jacket actors are no set rules for wearing Nike Dunks, following some loose guidelines can ensure you make the most of your shoes.Finding coordinating tracksuit for your Nike Dunks can help get them the attention they deserve. Sport a tracksuit that matches the primary color in the shoe, or pick one that matches the secondary stitching or laces. Matching the materials in the shoe to the materials in the tracksuit can earn you extra style points. Tracksuits made of cotton, velour or vinyl make suitable choices. Look for suits that feature the same embellishments as your Nike Dunks to enhance your outfit. For example, wearing a tracksuit that features tiger stripes like your shoes can help you turn heads.G36JyuGO

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