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monster beats ibeats

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monster beats ibeats

Started by anneshathaways 1470 days ago

Fashion design, two tone color scheme, customizable skins

The call to DNA Headset (Monster DNA) the world leader in high performance Headset and electronic accessories manufacturers monster (Monster) Viacom and global preferred home entertainment brand (Viacom) jointly launched the new audio brand. Using the magic sound engineering the most advanced, the monster of DNA Headset brings new timbre and Headset strong, outstanding design, the audience for music. The call to DNA will monster beats by dre headphones also work with packet Viacom global music entertainment brand cooperation, launched a series of promotional activities, by focusing on music sharing, music community into the music, entertainment and social consciousness to serve the modern music listeners and music artists.

The design also takes into account the music and fashion consumer, the call to DNA uses a unique "round square", fashion, bold eye-catching triangular shell. The color scheme is a kind of innovation in itself, Headset medial color and Headset cover color as can be self. The inside color Headset exposed on the top, two kinds of color are very interesting.
Overall design of the monster of DNA Headset considerations include advanced, super soft anti noise ear pad design, can lock the sound, allowing you to concentrate on the number of hours. Noise isolation technology can block the outside noise, the overall comfort can prevent auditory fatigue, so, whether at home, in the office or any place, can be heard for several hours.
Another innovation design is, you can customize DNA Headset magic sound enclosure designed their own, can be brushed steel or white leopard enclosure. Customized shell "skin" provides an additional layer of protection to Headset, can be easily removed, without leaving the slightest trace.

In order to provide more styles to choose, monster launched a custom project factory monster DNA will become the first allows the user to directly select the unique pattern from the factory Headset, including not sold in retail stores or online style.
Because the call to DNA is designed for monster beats by dre earbuds intelligent mobile phone, communication system, connection scheme and music are indispensable in the current era, it has the most advanced magic sound remote control function and an improvement over the microphone and three apple controller button, can achieve a clear call.6CBU1azI

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