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monster beats in ear headphones

A few days ago, apple in its official website dedicated to Beats has opened up a section, is convenient for the user to jump to the Beats website to buy Headset products.

Recently Apple online store pages updated again, this change is mainly for Beats products, before the user need to jump to the website to buy, and now the Beats products have been fully integrated into the apple online store.

The user can "optional accessories" category to see a "Beats by Dr. Dre" tab, click to enter after the beginning of the selection, the website provides a head mounted Headset, earplugs, speakers and other products under the Beats banner. Apple's online store, "optional" page now contains "all accessories", "Apple accessories", "exclusive product", "the latest fashion" and the newly added "Beats by Dr. Dre".

In Headset price, no difference between apple and Beats's official price, taking Solo 2 as an example, the price of 1698 yuan.

At present, Apple has officially completed on Beats Headset and Beats Music acquisition, the company began to expand to the Beats product promotion. The apple online store in Beats by Dr. Dre added a new independent board, let the customer can better browsing and discovery of Beats products. Monster Tron T1 Daft Punksuper cheap, fast to vpmsl.com look at it, they do a special discount website

Although the apple online store has been a Beats product sales, but the increase of independent classification in accessories page can further enhance the degree of concern. Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Beats Headset plate sale, ear Headset, Beats speakers and other products. In addition, apple continues to show the Beats product line in retail stores, including Solo2 and Studio Headset. Apple last week formally completed a $3000000000 acquisition of Beats Headset and Beats Music. 1 from the beginning of this month, visit the Beats online store customer will be redirected to the apple online store.

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