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Beats Tour (noodles) using professional have a fever wire, using multi-slice spiral wire, core catheter technique and micro strands structure, ensure you clear lossless audio quality, reduce interference; design new pronunciation unit, the pursuit of the faster dynamic response. At the same time Beats casual pronunciation unit also can accurately reproduce the full sound details, especially the resolution, the precise nature of voices and super bass dive. Flat wire the new design, winding can prevent Headset line, plus the plug design and durable, can let you completely from not wound and irritability in appreciation of music of the time.

Special is the Beats Tour (noodles) earphone wire, is the use of flat of the line, do not rule out the origin of the name is Headset noodles. The structure of the wire can be constant in the cross-sectional area of the situation get circumference greater online material, whole is surface area, more conducive to the current transmission.

According to the America technology blog Mashable reported, in obtaining the Carlyle Group (Carlyle Group) after a $500000000 investment in Beats Electronics, the remaining 25% days before the announced it would purchase $265000000 of holdings of HTC shares.Last month there have been media reports that Beats is looking for investors, but also will reconstruction and the HTC partnership. Beats and Caire group of the details of the transaction is still can make nothing of it, sources said Caire valuing Beats at more than $1000000000, but after Caire took out a $500000000 investment, also won the two Beats board seats. Monster DNA Outletsuper cheap, fast to vpmsl.com look at it, they do a special discount website

Beats and HTC had a "roller coaster" cooperation. In 2011, HTC paid $309000000 to acquire a 51% stake in Beats, but Beats last year bought back half of them, and the after the transaction, Beats also basically to draw a relationship with HTC. Market research firm NPD data display, Beats is currently in America high-end Headset mark has a share of 59%, while the HTC performance has slipped in the past two years straight, almost to the point of too horrible to look at.At the end of the relationship of cooperation with HTC, will no longer appear equipment HTC Beats logo, and Carlyle's investment will help Beats expand new markets"With the further popularization of smart mobile phone and tablet computer, digital media got unprecedented development, we believe that Beats will seize the opportunity, continue to innovate in the high-end audio accessories market and growth," the Carlyle Group's consumer and retail director Sandra Horbach (Sandra Horbach) said in a statement.

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