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  • xuanzi added a new discussion topic order the Samsung Galaxy S III in India now 1241 days ago
    order the Samsung Galaxy S Asics Onitsuka Tiger III in India now Despite all the hate Samsung Galaxy S III has received for its design, the phone has already received 9 million preorders world over from more than 100 global carriers. If you were...
  • I should have went to Footlocker or a legitimate sneaker store and got my monies worth. Asics shoes are very lightweight and have great ventilation keeping your foot cool. I recommend this product for the beginner runner. This is my second pair of...
  • gredw erewq added a new discussion topic do you like cheap nike free ? 1317 days ago
    I could barely get my hands on the steering wheel after a track day at Bedford autodrome last week. Mind you, they had to take the seat out and half the side pod to get me in the single seater. Now I know why there are no 6ft 5ins racing drivers....
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