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When making an entry try and use keywords such as a date, a place, an event or something very specific that the person (people) you met are also likely to use in a search.

Faces as an avatar together with specific information from both sides will be the surest way for mutual identification.

So, initially leave some details out to help you cross check that you have indeed located the correct person. This is especially so with Lost and Found and when perhaps having the idea in mind to arrange a further meeting.

Do not readily publish your contact details, addresses, or a venue for such further meetings. If the reasons are social, and you decide to meet up with a person again ideally take a friend with you and meet in a public place.

Never rely on your very first impression from the original meeting.

With Motoring, it may be that you witnessed an accident and couldn’t stop or had an accident without a witness and it would be helpful to be one or have one! Again, always leave some of the details out so that you do not get spoof contacts for or against you. If you have a minor accident always take a picture at the scene when possible and safe to do so. Don't hesitate to call the emergency services if you think that the situation warrants it.  .

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