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Do you enjoy finding a free tv system? Unless you have been living in the cage for the past five-years, you've probably heard about the free deals that Direct TV and Dish Network are giving with their online customers. Sure these offers sound great, but is there a catch?

Dish Network and Direct TV are handing out free tv systems and installation in around 4 rooms to first-time customers. Fortunately they are offering free upgrades on their DVR and HDTV receivers, and usually give discounts on programming reely upgrades on your programming package for that first few months. Obviously, these are bargains, but there are several stuff you should know about before ordering your new satellite tv system online.

Activation Fees?

Dish Network charges a one-time fee of $49.99, but you have it returned being a credit to your first bill. Direct TV doesn't impose a fee any upfront fee, nevertheless, you may have to spend on shipping should your deal doesn't include it. Both companies charge a little deposit in case you have bad credit.

Must i sign a legal contract?

You heard right! Since Dish Network or Direct TV is giving you a large amount of free service and equipment, they need to make sure you'll remain a paying customer until they've made their money back. Therefore it may must accept an 18 month contract (similar to a cell phone contract) with Dish Network. Direct TV's contract varies as outlined by your system. You will sign a 1 year contract for normal or HD systems, as well as a Two year contract should you choose a DVR system.

Here's the bottom line.

Now, the authorized dealers present in sat tv companies don't exactly advertise the activation fees along with the contracts essential for these free deals. They never desire to scare you away before used the offers. In spite of the contracts and activation fees, these are generally still money saving deals.

For more information on Direct TV check out our website. We've got covered all the details you must know about Direct TV.

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